iGrow 1800 Controller w/ Temperature Sensor

Item Number: 115678 Availability: Available in 30 days
Link4 iGrow Controllers are the latest in greenhouse environmental automation. Control and integrate a variety of equipment in your greenhouse with one easy-to-use system.

• Ideal for large greenhouses and operations.
• The unit has 12-38 programmable outputs with expansion capability.
• iGrow 1800 special features include PC configuration, sensor back up, anticipatory heating and cooling and more.
• Multi button keypad allows the unit to be easily programmed and operated.
• Control capabilities include alarm auto dialer, heating systems, pumps, CO2 injectors, fans, fertigation injectors, lights, irrigation, louvers, vents, shade, cooling systems, fog systems and much more.
• The iGrow 1800 also has advanced settings that allow growers to set eight daily set points, flexible conditional controls, intelligent irrigation, start delays, advanced pump control, positive pressure control, user differentiated access control and daily light integral lighting mode.

Pricing is for controller only. For turnkey integrated solutions please contact one of our knowledgeable Greenhouse Specialists. Turnkey integrated solutions include factory built UL contactor/relay panels prewired to & integrated with the controller. Custom options & color coded wiring diagrams available.