TekFoil Reflective / Bubble / Reflective (R/B/R)

Keep the heat where it belongs with TekFoil™ Reflective Insulation. TekFoil Reflective/Bubble/Reflective (R/B/R) Insulation is designed for installation between or over framing members, on walls, floors and ceilings. Packaged in easy to handle rolls, TekFoil Insulation R/B/R can be used in conjunction with mass insulation or without. Applications extend to commercial, agricultural, residential and industrial construction.

• Residential construction, new and retrofit: walls, basements, floors, ceilings, roofs, attics and crawl spaces.
• Commercial and agricultural construction, new and retrofit: ceilings, walls, poultry houses, hog and dairy barns.
• Factory-built housing, panelized, modular and log homes: walls, floors, basements, ceilings, roofs and crawl spaces.
• TekFoil is a patent compliant product.

R/B/R Heating & HVAC Ducts
• Easy to use.
• High efficiency at low cost.
R/B/R Garage Door
• Improves insulation properties.
• Acts as a moisture barrier.
R/B/R Heating and Air Conditioning Duct WorkTekFoil - R/B/R Garage Door Application
R/B/R Warehouse
TekFoil - R/B/R Warehouse Application• For new construction in metal buildings. Also can be installed with existing insulation.
• Can be installed on the interior side of the structure.
• Reduces air infiltration and is a perfect vapor barrier. Keeps the heat inside in winter and outside in summer.