360° Super Flow Nipple

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Super Flow Chicken Nipple waters your poultry and birds while keeping your litter dry.

• Ideal for broilers, breeders, layers, pullets, ducks and gamebirds.
• We recommend 12-15 birds per nipple depending on bird type and environmental conditions.
• Does not require a drip cup.
• Screw directly into square PVC pipe, or use reducing tees with thread sealing tape for round PVC pipe.
• Delrin body, 360° side-action pin.
• Working pressure should be reduced to under 1 PSI.

Please Note: This item does not include a nut and is typically installed in a PVC pipe. We recommend you use a drill bit measuring 23/64 (9.0mm) to drill the pilot hole into the pipe and then screw/turn the threaded part of the nipple into the hole. The thread of the nipple will cut into the pipe and seal.