Custom PolyMax Sheets 3/16"

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Bright, white and indestructible! Easy to apply to walls, ceilings or anywhere a weatherproof, durable surface is needed. Ideal for: Dairy Farms, Hog Farms, Poultry Farms, Milking Parlors, Kennels, Zoos, Stall Dividers, Horse Barns Stalls & Arenas, Hockey Rinks, Car Washes, Manufacturing Facilities, Food Processing Plants, Marinas, Workshops, Storage Facilities, and so much more...

• 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) boards are easy to install, easy to clean, and virtually maintenance free.
• Rot, rust, moisture and corrosion proof.
• Extremely durable, UV-stable and impact resistant.
• Chemical resistant.
• Custom sheets are available. Refer to our handy custom ordering guide below, or ask your knowledgeable sales associate for details.
• Kick-Proof and Chew-Proof — ideal for your horse barn!
• 1/16" PolyMax® not recommended for floor or ceiling applications.

To Calculate Custom Sheets
SizeWeight Per. Sq. Ft.
Please Note: Sheets are priced per square foot. Please enter your width and length dimensions in the "Special Notes" entry box during checkout. Minimum Order is 1,500 pounds. Maximum width is 96" and maximum length is 144". PolyMax can be easily cut with a skill saw or any other type of fine toothed hand saw.