Cast Iron Float Box w/Brackets

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This automatic float box with Super Flow Valve and adjustable height mounting brackets features a stationary metal float box for watering troughs. Converts stock tanks, troughs, barrels and pans into automatic waterers. Easy to install...hook sturdy brackets over edge of trough and tighten thumb screws. The steel float mechanism has a tough, neoprene valve washer, that can be rotated and also reversed for long life. Plastic water float won’t rust. Longer float (greater leverage) allows up to 60 lbs. of water pressure. Works equally well on simple gravity systems. A larger valve opening increases capacity to 375 gallons per hour.

  • Longer, deeper float provides more leverage, allowing up to 60 lbs. water pressure.
  • 375 GPH capacity.
  • Painted metal construction.
  • Solid brass valve with 1/2" MPT threads.
  • Super Flow 22 litres/min @ 50 PSI.
  • An adapter/fitting (WF1735) is required for hooking this product to a standard garden hose.
Please Note : This float valve is not recommended for use in environments where NPK fertilizers or caustic chemicals will come in contact with the valve.