HydroCycle 9" Pro NFT Deep System

Item Number: 113702 Availability: Available in 15 days (Manufactured Product)
Produce healthy, well-nourished vine crops with the HydroCycle 9" Pro NFT Deep System.

• Grow year-round with greater control in a system that is constructed from UV-stabilized, recycled plastics. This system uses HydroCycle 9" Pro NFT Deep Series channels that are manufactured to NSF-certification specifications and have plenty of space for larger vine crop root masses.
• The system utilizes 8 channels that are 20'L and, based on the 16" needed for tomatoes, there are a total of 120 plant sites. Other plants can require additional spacing, like cucumbers, which generally need 24" spacing.
• Lids on the channels are not predrilled, so you can space the holes to best suit your needs.
• The HydroCycle 9" Pro NFT Deep System provides a steady supply of recirculating water and nutrients and it can drastically reduce the waste of water and nutrients. While other systems require you to frequently replace grow media, this system uses clay pebbles that can be disinfected and reused. It also doesn't use as much watering equipment as other systems, so you'll save money and time not having to deal with the cleaning and replacement of this equipment.
• Footprint is approximately 17'W x 41'L.
• The system includes 8 20' HydroCycle 9" Pro NFT Deep Serieswith lids and end caps, supply and drain plumbing, a high-efficiency recirculating feed pump, a premium disc filter, a 550-gallon reservoir tank and all the necessary plumbing, fittings and valves.