Hudson Valves and Accessories

Maintain constant stock tank water levels. Reliable positive shut-off ends tank flooding. Compact, virtually indestructible valve is adaptable to a wide variety of applications,from personal home use to large-scale industrial use!

  • Maintains fluid level.
  • The fluid level forces the float to rise and close the diaphragm chamber. The diaphragm then expands, stopping the incoming flow.When the fluid level drops, the diaphragm escape opens, empties and allows the fluid to fill the tank. This shut-off feature allows full flow until the valve closes, unlike the common ball float valves.
  • The valve body is made of durable glass-filled nylon 6/6 and is vented to eliminate siphoning.
  • Internal parts are of ABS plastic and EPDM rubber.
  • Resilient to freezing.
  • Guaranteed for two years.
  • No lever arm. No exterior moving parts.
  • No float valve.
  • High volume. Anti-siphon.
  • Rustproof valve is virtually indestructible and installs in seconds.