Tempra Tankless Water Heaters

Have an unlimited supply of hot water and lower your energy costs with our Tempra Tankless Water Heaters.

• More than 99% efficient water heaters supply hot water on demand.
• A variety of units are available to fulfill any hot water need, from individual faucets to whole houses and commercial applications.
• Space-saving design fits anywhere.
• Easily select your desired output temperature by setting a dial.
• Water output temperature: 86°F-125°F (30°C-52°C).
• Electronic control system does not allow water temperature to go above 125°F, which eliminates scalding.
• Thermostatically controlled with full power modulation based on flow rate and incoming water temperature. Automatically adjusts power output to accommodate changes.
• Tempra 29 Plus and Tempra 36 Plus units feature digital temperature display.
• For potable water only. Not to be used in space heating applications.
• Three year manufacturer's warranty.