PolyMax Mesh Bunk Top Covers

PolyMax Mesh Bunk Top Covers help you protect your valuable investments. Ideal protection from wind, weather, birds and animal damage.

• Made from high-quality, UV-resistant knitted polyethylene, these covers are strong, durable and will last for years.
• Unique knitted mesh construction prevents fraying.
• PolyMax Covers reduce waste by keeping the silage sheets in place and therefore preserving the proper environment for fermentation.
• Experience virtually 0% spoilage, and reduce labor time.
• Eliminate the need for tires and the risk of tire wire harming your animals.
• Secure your covers with our PolyMax Knitted Gravel Bags, sold separately. Made from the same high-quality knitted mesh as the Bunk Covers, these flexible Gravel Bags are easy to use and will ensure a better weather and pest-proof seal than tires or other securing methods.
• We recommend securing your Bunk Covers on all sides, over the top and anywhere covers may overlap.
• Custom Bunk Covers are also available, with a minimum order of 500 sq. ft.
• 7 year warranty.