3mm Flex Tube Adapter

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Ensure that every plant in your irrigation system receives the same amount of water and fertilizer, regardless of location, for a uniform, high-quality crop. Netafim™ offers the highest level of technology available.

• Patented pressure differential system maintains uniform flow rate at different inlet working pressures, ensuring exact distribution of water and nutrients.
• Check valve feature in drippers ensures that irrigation lines stay full and do not drain into the lowest lying plants.
• We offer all of the pieces necessary to create your customized irrigation system. We recommend our 1/2" (110747) or 3/4"(110741) Polyethylene Tubing, for use as your supply line.
• Cut labor costs and grow uniform, high-quality crops!

3mm Flex Tube Adapter (110414)

• Converts Nipple Outlet Dripper to Barb Outlet Dripper.
• Priced per Adapter, with a minimum order quantity of 10.