ClearSpan™ 13'H Sidewall Fabric House Buildings - 25'W

The ClearSpan™ Fabric House Building takes a peaked, house-style frame, but outfits it entirely in fabric. This allows customers to utilize all the benefits of a fabric structure, while adding a more conventional building style to their property.

• Fabric House Buildings use the ClearSpan™ Hybrid Building design, and are made from a triple-galvanized, American steel frame that stands up to corrosive environments.
• Buildings are covered by 12.5 oz., 24 mil rip-stop polyethylene. This fabric allows natural light to filter through and is UV resistant. Covers are available in customer's choice of four colors.
• 13'H sidewalls are covered with fabric and provide plenty of clearance.
• The structure's unique design allows for fast installation without sacrificing strength or durability. When paired with ClearSpan's exclusive Helical Anchoring System, excavation time and foundations costs can be drastically reduced.
• Overhanging eaves provide extra outdoor coverage.
• Industry-leading 50 year warranty on the frame and 20 year warranty on the fabric cover.