Luxpro Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat

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Cost-effective, energy-saving programmable heating thermostat features separate programs for weekdays and weekends, with up to four settings per day.

  • Provides you with the temperature you want, when you want it, saving you money.
  • Custom settings allow for energy savings day in and day out.
  • Large liquid crystal display.
  • Sealed relay contacts.
  • Temporary and constant temperature override.
  • Temperature hold.
  • Easily programmed with LUX Speed Dial®.
  • Compatible with heating only, 120/240VAC single pole applications, baseboards, ceiling cable and other radiant heat.
  • Temperature differential: + or - 1° factory preset. Differential adjustable from 1/4°F to 2-1/4°F.
  • Double-pole thermostat allows manual on/off.
  • Temperature control range: 45°F- 90°F/7°C-32°C and 12/24 hr. time capable.
  • Electrical ratings: 16A at 120/240VAC. 1,900W at 120VAC (noninductive). 3,800W at 240VAC (noninductive).
  • Built-in circuit protection.
  • Battery powered (Two AA batteries, included).
  • Comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.
Please Note: Not for use on conventional 24V heating and cooling systems or hydronic (hot water) systems.