PowerTwist Plus ® Belts

With PowerTwist® you always have the right length V-belt!

  • Combines extremely high strength with low stretch.
  • Has the same HP ratings as conventional rubber V-belts.
  • Especially good at handling extremes of temperature, abrasion, exposure to oils, grease, water, steam, solvents and fertilizers.
  • Unaffected by common agricultural chemicals.
  • Can be made up to the required length by hand, in seconds.
  • Made from a high performance polyester/polyurethane composite material specially developed to handle tough drive conditions.
  • With their special composite construction, PowerTwist® V-belts will outperform conventional rubber V-belts.
  • Working temperature range of -40°F to 200°F.
  • High resistance to abrasion and shock loading.
  • Easy to install, without dismantling drives.
  • Works in all standard V-belt sheaves.
  • Can be twisted at a 90° angle.