Prefabricated Greenhouse Panels - 6 oz

Indestructible PolyMax® Woven Greenhouse Covers are ten times stronger and will last up to three times longer than standard greenhouse coverings.

• Manufactured from rip-stop Polyethylene for durability and strength.
• Choose from custom sizes manufactured to your exact specifications or, for the best value, choose from our standard stock sizes.
• Available in 6 oz. black/white and 6 oz. black/silver, these greenhouse fabrics offer diffused light which prevents strong shadows, overheating and plant scorching.
• Maintain a comfortable, controlled environment inside the greenhouse that will keep out pests and disease that can ruin your crop. Also reap savings on energy costs.
• Reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation.

6 oz., 12 mil Premium Black/White woven polyethylene fabric controls the photoperiod of greenhouse crops. Ideal for your orchids and other tropical plants and flowers.
• When applied with white side out, this fabric will keep the plant environment warm, maintain better heat distribution and reduce your energy costs.
• Black interior side is double coated to ensure the perfect black-out environment.
• White exterior provides heat reflective properties.
• Withstands both prolonged heat and cold extremes.
• Superior UV-resistance.
• 10 x 10 tapes per inch.

6 oz. Premium Black/Silver Greenhouse Fabric is ideal as a greenhouse cover, in growing rooms and with hydroponic growing.
• Silver exterior provides excellent heat reflective properties, keeping the plant environment warmer, and maintains more even heat distribution.
• Black interior side is double coated to ensure an ideal blackout environment and has excellent heat-absorbing properties.
• Comes with a 4 year warranty.
• 12 mil.
• 10 x 8 tapes per inch.