Raynor® DuraCoil™ Rolling Service Doors

The durability of a Raynor® DuraCoil™ Rolling Service Door, the convenience of a remote-controlled operator and the safety accessories required in many work places - all for one low price.

• These strong, well-crafted doors are made from flat, 22-gauge steel slats that provide excellent wind-load resistance and look great on any building. The slats are supported by rugged-steel guides that prevent lateral movement, and there is a vinyl guide seal that stops air penetration while the door is closed.
• The door bottom is reinforced with two steel angles for added strength and an astragal.
• It utilizes a counterbalance system that was designed to have a long-lasting life and allows the door to be smoothly and easily raised or lowered.
• DuraCoil™ doors roll into a 24-gauge curtain hood that provides protection to the door while it's open. The hood features a reinforced neoprene sheet that minimizes air infiltration.
• The ControlHoist™ Optima can be wired as a 115/230 V one-phase or 230/460 V three-phase motor, depending on your preference. The solid-state, gear-driven motor also comes with a three-button transmitter, enabling convenient operation.
• For protection against accidents, photoelectric reversing mechanisms are included. If any obstruction gets in the path of the closing door, it will automatically reverse the door's trajectory, preventing injury and property damage.