AlumaView OPTIMA Sectional Doors

Customize a multitude of facilities with the highest standard of dependable, attractive sectional doors.

• AlumaView OPTIMA sectional doors have been the standard fixture for structures that require dependable doors with maximum visibility.
• With an anodized-finished, extruded aluminum frame, AlumaView door sections come in 2" thickness.
• Pedestrian doors are included and are designed for convenient entry and to help minimize energy loss. Doors are 32-1/2" wide and take up 3 sections.
• Larger sizes up to 24' wide and 24' tall are available for custom projects, featuring bold rail construction to ensure maximum durability, reliability and beauty. Some larger doors do not come with pedestrian doors.
• Doors are constructed with streamline rail design, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting aesthetics.
• Energy-saving options such as header and jamb seals help reduce air infiltration and control energy costs.
• Capable of withstanding wind loads of up to 20 PSF.
• Ideal for greenhouses, showrooms, garages, repair facilities, auto dealerships, service stations, warehouses and more!
• All AlumaView doors come with a 1-year limited warranty.