Raynor Thermal Sectional Doors

Equip your structure with the most specified sectional door on the market.

• Raynor Thermal Sectional Doors are the industry's benchmark for commercial sectional doors, providing unparalleled reliability and stability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use.
• With extruded polystyrene insulation thermally bonded between two hot-dipped galvanized, rust-resistant steel skins, these doors have an exceptional R-value of 17.05.
• Pedestrian doors are included on most sizes and are designed for convenient entry, while minimizing energy loss.
• Door sections are 3" thick.
• Flexible, EPDM rubber flap header seal reduces air infiltration and energy costs by sealing the top of the door against the header. A U-shaped, vinyl bottom weatherseal further aids in reducing energy costs.
• A vinyl section joint seal prevents airflow between sections. Patented RollLock™ mechanically interlocked thermal barrier prevents heat loss and eliminates any metal-to-metal contact.
• Large opening sizes available up to 32'W and 24'H for custom applications.
• Door sections carry an exclusive 10 year delamination warranty and a 1 year warranty against any rust on all other door components.
• Ideal for ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures, agricultural buildings, high-security applications, large openings, service facilities, thermal environments, transit facilities, truck terminals, warehousing and manufacturing, greenhouses and more!