12.5 oz. Custom Tarps

Need to cover equipment, feed or hay? Choose tarp sheets, tarps that are bound and grommeted, or tarps with pockets and straps.

• 12.5 oz. 24 mil premium poly tarp is available in your choice of four colors.
• Weave: 16 x 16.
• Thickness: 24 mil (ASTM D-1777).
• Tear strength: Warp 120 x Fill 120 (ASTM D-2261).
• Tensile strength: Warp 350 x Fill 340 (ASTM D-5034).
• Mullen Burst: 670 PSI (ASTM D-3786).
• Choose the fabric and color of your choice. Fabric is sold per sq. ft.
• Grommets are spaced every 12" on center.
• Panels under 300 sq. ft. incur a small-panel charge of $28.95.