10 oz. Custom Tarps

Available as tarp sheets, tarps that are bound and grommeted, or tarps with pockets and straps. Choose the style that best suits your need.

• Clear, White or Green, 10 oz. rip-stop polyethylene covering is durable, strong and long lasting.
• Our Tarp Anchor Kit is ideal for use with the pocket-style tarps.
• Weave: 14 x 14. (ASTM D-3775)
• Thickness: 22 mil (ASTM D-1777)
• Tear Strength: Warp: 74 x Fill 83. (ASTM D-2261)
• Tensile Strength: Warp: 317 x Fill: 249. (ASTM D-1682)
• Mullen Burst: 510 PSI (ASTM D-3786)