Wonder Soil® Expanding Wafers 2" - Bag of 50

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Wonder Soil® is an eco-conscious soilless potting medium that is made from renewable coconut coir fiber, worm castings, Biosol® natural fertilizer, mycorrhizae, kelp and water-saving polymer crystals. This biodegradable potting medium maximizes growing success for both the professional and hobby grower. Wonder Soil® saves time, labor and freight costs. Only one truckload of Wonder Soil® is needed for every 10 truckloads of loose soil!

• Available in a variety of forms and sizes for all gardening applications.
• This dehydrated, compressed medium will expand up to 7 times its volume when water is added.
• Reduces watering and fertilizing costs by up to 50%.
• Produces a soilless medium with a perfect balance of water-to-air ratio.
• Completely safe for use around children and pets.
• Produces stronger seedlings with larger root systems, as well as healthier transplanted and potted crops.
• Reduces soil erosion and compaction.
• Lightweight, easy to use and contains no fillers.
• Made in USA.