Galvanized Premium Row Cover Hoops

Protect your raised beds and growing fields with a ClearSpan™ Premium Cover Hoop. Also enjoy a few bonus weeks in the growing season with these low tunnels! Row covers are used to enclose one or more rows of plants in order to enhance crop growth and production by increasing both air and soil temperatures and reducing wind damage.

  • Keep wind and pests out, moisture in and extend the season with a Galvanized Premium Row Cover Hoop.
  • Hoop is constructed from 0.9227" OD USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing, fashioned to fit over your raised bed or growing field.
  • Hoop supports greenhouse film, shade cloth, lightweight PolyMax® curtain material or insulate frost blanket, all sold separately.
  • Requires a 10' film width.
  • Easy to assemble and secure using our tek screws,clamps and clips, all sold separately.
  • Add purlins using swaged conduit for extra support.
  • 25'L Row Cover Kit includes six hoops, 10'W 6 mil greenhouse film, 18 fabric clips and 50 staples.

Row Cover Benefits: Frost Protection, Early and Increased Yields, Wind Protection, Pest Control, Labor Savings and Water Conservation.