Mother Earth Coco®

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General Hydroponics Nutrient Systems allows growers to invest in their crops and achieve superior production and quality.

  • This comprehensive nutrient system helps growers boost growth in almost any environment.
  • Provide precision feeding and consistency through every growth phase.
  • Following the building-block method, the system combines nutrients in different ratios to create specialized mixes that increase control over plant development.
  • Ideal ratio of minerals and balanced plant nutrition.
  • Achieve premium results all year long.
  • Mother Earth® Coco (117382)

  • This ready-to-use hydroponic media contains the highest-quality mix of coco pith and coco fiber.
  • Provides plants with a superior growing substrate to help them meet their full potential.
  • Pre-buffered and pH adjusted to neutral at 6.3-6.8 to promote strong root growth.
  • Excellent drainage properties allow for frequent watering, while still maintaining optimum air to water ratios.
  • Retains essential nutrients in the root zone until the plant needs them most.
  • 1.75 cu. ft.