General Hydroponics Ripen®

General Hydroponics Nutrient Systems allows growers to invest in their crops and achieve superior production and quality.

  • This comprehensive nutrient system helps growers boost growth in almost any environment.
  • Provide precision feeding and consistency through every growth phase.
  • Following the building-block method, the system combines nutrients in different ratios to create specialized mixes that increase control over plant development.
  • Ideal ratio of minerals and balanced plant nutrition.
  • Achieve premium results all year long.
  • General Hydroponics Ripen® 0.5-7-6 (117368, 117369, 117370)

  • This highly concentrated nutrient solution provides plants with essential macronutrients that support increased and abundant flowering.
  • Use during the final one to two weeks to push plants to their maximum potential by promoting robust flower and fruit development.
  • Greater oil and fragrance production.
  • Highly soluble liquid form allows for easier mixing and application.
  • Available in quart, 1-gallon and 6-gallon containers.