S750 iGrow Control Kit

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Achieve complete environmental automation with the S750 iGrow Control Kit for ultimate command over a greenhouse grow.

  • This kit is designed to enhance the Series 750 greenhouse, streamlining environmental automation with an iGrow 800 unit and two motor controllers that manage the evaporative cooling wall and blackout system.
  • The iGrow 800 features an easy-to-use controller system that includes an integrated panel for easy installation and an extra output. This unit is fully programmable for complete environmental control, allows tracking of energy usage, and offers growers nine outputs to run greenhouse equipment without the need for an iDrive.
  • The compact and versatile iDrive 300 Motor Controller is designed to operate multi-function motor applications, and has been included to seamlessly control the evaporative cooling wall and link it to the iGrow 800.
  • An iDrive 150 DCP Dual DC Motor Controller helps control blackout systems and is ideal for DC motors by featuring voltage adjustments for line losses, IR compensation, torque controls and more.
  • Sensors for the weather station, temperature and humidity, and solar light are not included in this kit but can be ordered separately.