GrowSpan High Pro Tunnels

The GrowSpan High Pro Tunnel provides cost-effective automated light deprivation and simplifies ventilation.

• Cast total darkness in moments. These high tunnels come with an automated light deprivation system that rolls out from the peak.
• The 5'7" sidewalls quickly roll up with GrowSpan's twist-of-the-wrist design. Sidewalls provide maximum ventilation, and can be easily rolled down to enclose the structure.
• The structure is clad with a 5.2 oz translucent anticondensate woven greenhouse cover, and the end walls are made from opaque white polycarbonate to support light deprivation.
• Frames are constructed with 14-gauge, USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing.
• The structure is designed with two rows of internal columns, each of which are spaced 36" from center. They ensure superior structural strength and are great for trellising or creating a natural central walkway.
• Ground posts and purlins included.
• Top and bottom baseboards are recommended. Our recycled plastic lumber is ideal.