Rolling Greenhouse Benches

Our Rolling Greenhouse Benches allow you to easily maximize growing space and promote a more organized operation.

• Grow more in the same space. Rolling Greenhouse benches allow operations to improve functionality by creating moveable aisles and allowing operations to quickly change their layout.
• Benches roll with a maximum load of 27 lbs. per sq. ft.
• These benches ensure the utmost durability in any growing environment. The bench frames are constructed from 1.25", 14-gauge galvanized steel and the 4" side rails are made from extruded aluminum.
• Designed with soft, finished corners for an attractive appearance and improved safety.
• Features stainless steel fasteners that are topped with expanded metal.
• 17-1/2" cantilever.
• For custom benches, contact a Greenhouse Specialist at extension 1265.
• Benches are 32" tall.
• Trellis kits are available in matching sizes.
• Custom leveling for sloped ground is available.
• Easy-to-use crank systems are available. These systems allow for benches and trays to be moved and managed with minimal effort.