Greenhouse Light Fixture - 400W Fixture w/HPS Lamp - 120V - On Sale

$192.06/EA $225.95
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Digital ballast accepts both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lamps. Designed especially for greenhouses and hydroponic systems, these fixtures offer outstanding uniformity and superior light levels.

• Available in both 400W and 1,000W, these energy-efficient fixtures feature high light output with low energy consumption.
• Designed to withstand damp, corrosive environments and to promote healthy plant growth.
• Extruded aluminum housing with aluminum reflector.
• Save over 30% on energy usage as compared to magnetic ballasts.
• Constant output of power.
• Completely silent operation.
• Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium convertible.
• Includes 8' power supply cord, lamp and hanging brackets.
• Replacement lamps available below.

Product Note: Accepts lamps with a mogul base.