FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems & Accessories

Start saving over 50% of your feed costs and take control of the quality and availability of your feed supply by growing hydroponic fodder. FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems are ideal for all farms and can be designed to produce any amount of nutrient-, protein- and enzyme-rich fodder daily with minimal water required, all year long, regardless of climate or season.

  • Whether you need fodder for a commercial-sized operation or a small backyard farm, FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems will provide you with a better feed option that will improve the health and performance of your livestock and poultry and reduce your feed costs.
  • Growing channels are constructed of USA-made, UV-stabilized, NSF-certified recycled PVC 9" Pro NFT Channels and carry a 20 year warranty.
  • Frame is constructed of American-made 1.5" structural-grade, galvanized square tubing.
  • Multiple systems are easily connected to produce as much fodder as needed per day. Custom-designed commercial systems are also available. Ask a knowledgeable fodder specialist for details.
  • Water-saving nutrient film technique hydroponic production has low energy requirements and eliminates the need for herbicides, pesticides and waste. Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed Systems also require no fertilizers or nutrients for growth.