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Keep your chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, horses and other animals healthier and happier with livestock supplies from FarmTek. We carry a large selection of livestock equipment, including poultry watering systems, livestock feeders, barn curtain, equine supplies, pest control products and more. From state-of-the-art barn curtain systems to small backyard chicken supplies, we have everything farmers need, no matter the scale of your business.

At FarmTek, we understand that an affordable, efficient livestock feed solution can keep your farm or business profitable. Grow your own nutrient-rich fodder for pennies a pound with our Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed Systems and optimize the general health and performance of your animals, while drought-proofing your operation.

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Livestock Supplies - Barn Curtain & Accessories
Barn Curtain & Accessories

Livestock Supplies - Livestock Fencing
Livestock Fencing

Livestock Supplies - Hay & Feed Storage
Hay & Feed Storage

Livestock Supplies - Poultry Equipment
Poultry Equipment

Livestock Supplies - Farm Pest Control
Farm Pest Control

Livestock Supplies - Fodder Systems
Fodder Systems

Livestock Supplies - Wagons & Trailers
Wagons & Trailers

Livestock Supplies - Safety & Protection
Safety & Protection

Livestock Supplies - Livestock Equipment
Livestock Equipment

Livestock Supplies - Equine Supplies
Equine Supplies

Livestock Supplies - Barn Equipment
Barn Equipment

Livestock Supplies - Hog Supplies
Hog Supplies

ClearSpan Colossal Chick-Inn Hutch - 26'W x 12'H x 36'L - On Sale
ClearSpan Colossal Chick-Inn Hutch - 26'W x 12'H x 36'L - On Sale
HydroCycle Pro Aquaponic System II - 12' x 30'
HydroCycle Pro Aquaponic System II - 12' x 30'
Tri-Lite HVLS Fan - 24'
Tri-Lite HVLS Fan - 24'

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