ClearSpan Truss Arch Riding Arenas

ClearSpan - Hercules Truss Arch Buildings

Ride inside but feel like you're outside — a superior riding & training environment

ClearSpan indoor riding arenas feature a corner-free design with wide-open space, fewer shadows and sound-absorbing covers for a safe, controlled riding experience, which allows horses and riders to stay focused and stress-free.

• Natural ventilation helps remove gases, dust and excess heat.
• White fabric covers let in abundant natural light, reducing the need for daytime artificial lighting.
• Translucent and reflective qualities provide indoor temperature stability — buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.
• Rodents and other unwanted pests have no place to hide or nest, which means you realize increased health benefits and savings in feed, exterminations and repairs.
• Customize your arena with lighting, ventilation, dust control systems, stalls and more.

From pleasure to performance riding, breeding to boarding, small or large horse farms, ranches, and more — we have an equine building to satisfy your needs. ClearSpan designs equestrian riding centers to accommodate cutters, reiners, ropers, barrel racers, dressage riders, hunters/jumpers, rodeo riders, trail riders and more. We also build stables, barns, brood mare quarters, nurseries, infirmaries and more.