ClearSpan Truss Arch Hog Housing

ClearSpan - Hercules Truss Arch Buildings

Protect your pigs and increase your profits

Whether you are a small or large hog operation, a ClearSpan hog building can accommodate your needs. Our swine production facilities provide a healthy environment for hogs and piglets that promotes rapid weight gain and reduces the risk of disease. ClearSpan pig shelters accommodate individual and farrowing pens, loose housing, large group housing, deep hay bedding, mating compartments, nursing and grower rooms, piglet housing, finishing houses and more. Low in cost per square foot, with little or no property taxes, minimal foundation requirements, and easy maintenance, ClearSpan buildings retain their value and can be relocated or expanded as your needs grow or change.

• Natural ventilation helps remove gases, dust and excess heat.
• Abundant natural sunlight eliminates stress due to changes in day and night cycles, as well as cuts down on moisture and bacteria levels.
• Translucent and reflective qualities provide indoor temperature stability — buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.
• Sound-dampening qualities help keep your hogs stress-free and promote easy communication between sows and their piglets.