Curtain Doors

Premium Glider Curtain System

Control and provide proper ventilation in barns, greenhouses, riding arenas and more. Design the perfect sidewall curtain system with our Premium Glider Curtain Assembly Components. Ideal for dairy barns, poultry housing, hog barns, riding arenas, greenhouses, flea markets, warehouses, pavilions and more!

• Choose our PolyMax® 10 oz. Curtain, available in White and Clear, or our VinylTek™ 16 oz. Curtain, available in White, Clear and Super Clear.
• Available with manual or electric options.
• Manual Glider Assemblies include 40:1 Gear Box.
• Electric Glider Assemblies include 300 W motor. Can be thermostatically controlled using our Phason NVC Curtain Control to automatically raise and lower curtain based on your temperature settings.
• Great for both cold and warm weather ventilation.
• Eliminates curtain wrinkling, keeps curtain cleaner and reduces debris build up.
• Discourages rodent nesting.
• Let our knowledgeable National Account Curtain Systems Specialist design the ideal Premium Glider Curtain System for your application.

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