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Barn Curtain

FarmTek is the world's leading barn curtain manufacturer! Our curtains come with a small hem accommodating up to 0.922" OD swaged pipe. For a perfect curtain installation, we recommend our swaged curtain conduit. Medium and large hems are also available. Medium hems accommodate up to 1.66" OD pipe and large hems accommodate up to 1.90" OD pipe. We suggest large hems for roll-up curtain applications.
Barn Curtain - FarmTek
Some important guidelines for ordering your barn curtain
The selection of additional hem sizes for your curtain will affect your net width. Please use the following information and formula to insure you obtain your desired curtain net width. We recommend adding six inches to the width and two feet to the length of your opening for adequate curtain coverage.

Reduces Curtain
Net Width by:
Reduces Curtain
Net Width by:
Conduit Size:
Small 0" Small 3" Up to 0.922" OD
Medium 1" Medium 4" Up to 1.66" OD
Large 2" Large 5" Up to 1.90" OD

How to Order
• Choose the appropriate barn curtain for your application.
• Choose your barn curtain color.
• Choose the barn curtain width you need.
• Choose a hem size.

If you require a second hem, simply add the suffix S(mall), M(edium) or L(arge) to the stock number. Please note the amount that each hem decreases the width of the curtain above. If you require a multiple pocket design or a custom size please contact FarmTek for assistance with your order.

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Step 1: Choose your barn curtain product: