VinylTek 16 oz. Curtain

Super Clear Curtain, with a "see-through" effect, lets the sun shine in, provides a nourishing environment for your livestock, promotes faster weight gain, and conserves your energy costs.

• Cold Crack: -20°F.
• Matte finish does not attract dirt.
• Standard embossing: taffeta.
• Fabric: Polyester, Weft 1,000 x 1,000 denier.
• Weight 16 oz. sq. yd.
• Tensile strength: Warp 240 lbs., Fill 235 lbs.
• Tear strength: Warp 75 lbs., Fill 70 lbs.
• Hydrostatic resistance: 370 PSI.
• Super Clear lets in maximum light.
• Formulation: additives for outside curtain and general applications add superior cold crack and UV resistance.
• Available in Clear, White and Super Clear.
• Priced per linear ft.

Step 2: Choose your barn curtain color: