ClearSpan Truss Arch Hay Storage Buildings

ClearSpan - Hercules Truss Arch Buildings

ClearSpan Fabric Structures International Inc.Proper storage prevents spoilage and protects profits

Prevent spoilage by storing hay and forage in a ClearSpan Fabric Structure. ClearSpan feed and grain storage buildings make it convenient to store feed, equipment and harvesting tools together in one wide-open space.

  • Storing hay and forage in ClearSpan Fabric Structures limits wildlife access to it, reducing the risk of bovine TB being transmitted to livestock through feed.
  • ClearSpan structures have many customization options for proper hay ventilation while keeping it secure from wildlife.
  • Exceptional height and clearance allow for easy access and mechanical handling.
  • Rodents and other unwanted pests have no place to hide or nest in a corner-free ClearSpan structure which means you realize increased health benefits and savings in feed, exterminations and repairs.

Low in cost per square foot, with little or no property taxes, minimal foundation requirements, and easy maintenance, ClearSpan buildings retain their value and can be relocated or expanded as your needs grow or change.

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