Greenhouse Drop-Down Curtains

Control the air entering your greenhouse or building without exposing your young plants or animals to drafts with a Drop-Down Curtain Assembly. Create your System with our accessories, all sold separately below.
How to Create Your Own Drop-Down Curtain Assembly - FarmTek
A) Roll-up Door 15:1 Gear Box - 103496 (One per system)
B) Double Drive Set for Gear Box - 102717 (One per system)
C) Mounting Plate for 15:1 Gear Box - 103544 (One per system)
D) Tight-Fit Curtain Conduit - 1.315" OD - 131S075 (Length of curtain divided by 6')
E) 7/8" Nylon Pulley w/ Swivel Eye - AS5020 (One per rafter)
F) Self Drilling Zinc Plated Tek Screw #14 x 1" - FA4482A (One per 131S075 & two per rafter)
G) Heavy Duty Tension Band - 1.66" - 106734 (One per rafter)
H) 1" Neo Bonded Galvanized Washers - 102921A (One per rafter
I) Curtain Cord - CC5505
J) Polypropylene Rope - CC5310
K) Zinc Chromate Eye Screw - FA1960 (One per rafter
L) Tight-Fit Curtain Conduit) - 106816 (Length of curtain divided by 7.75'
Partially Open Greenhouse Curtain - FarmTek
Partially Open Greenhouse Curtain
Closed Greenhouse Curtain - FarmTek
Closed Greenhouse Curtain