Fan Coolers-Low/Medium Pressure

Low Pressure Fogging System

Keep your plants, vegetables and work spaces cool and safe from excessive heat with an AquaCool Low Pressure System.
AquaCool Low Pressure Fogging System - Growers Supply
A. White nozzle w/Cup Strainer
C. PVC Tee 1/4" I x I x I
E. Brass Adapter 1/4" I x 1/2"F
G. Cable Tie 7-1/2"
B. Tee 1/4" I x 1/4" I x 1/8"F
D. Adapter 3/4" MGH x 1/2"M
F. SS Screw Clamp
H. 1/4" Red Cooler hose

Our AquaCool Low Pressure Fogging kits are made from corrosion-resistant 1/4" hose with stainless steel clamps and white fog nozzles, so they will last for many seasons. Fan Coolers can reduce greenhouse temperature by over 25°.