ClearSpan Truss Arch Pony Wall Buildings

Hoop Buildings

FarmTek's hoop buildings offer several advantages over traditional confinement barns. Hoop shelters are easy to set up, easy to maintain and less expensive than traditional wood and steel barns. Ideal for housing swine, cattle, sheep and goats, they also make effective equine facilities. Hoop buildings are becoming increasingly popular with livestock producers. Hoop houses also make fast, economical storage facilities and are a great alternative to pole barns or multipurpose barns for storing hay, grain and farming equipment. With a naturally lit environment and many ventilation options, our hoop structures create healthier conditions for both animals and people. Our hoop buildings can be installed directly on the ground or on concrete or wooden walls. These hoop barns are built with strong, durable steel framework that provides unmatched protection against rust and corrosion. They also feature a tightly woven fabric cover that stands strong against the elements and resists tearing and leaking. FarmTek's fabric hoop buildings are available in a wide variety of widths, lengths, colors and styles.

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