Dust Control

Control dust and footing conditions with the new overhead 3-Zone Sprinkling Assembly. Easy to use and can be expanded.

• Dust-filled arenas can be uncomfortable to work in, as well as pose health issues for both horses and humans. These dusty environments irritate the eyes and respiratory systems and can affect both you and your horse's performance and overall health.
• The ideal method for controlling dust is with frequent watering. The 3-Zone Sprinkler Assembly will ensure adequate dust control and footing conditions, without the worry of too much water, which can cause dangerous, slippery conditions.
• Easy and cost effective to install, each Sprinkler Assembly will efficiently water a 30' - 35' area. This may vary depending on inlet pressure and flow rates.
• Recommended pressure is 40 - 50 PSI, with zone watering up to three sprinklers per zone.
• Industrial quality 10" filter housings are manufactured from reinforced polypropylene and include 30 micron filter cartridge, wrench and mounting bracket.
• All nylon, PVC Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 plumbing fittings guarantee long life.
• Inlet: 3/4" FNPT. Outlet: 3/4" MGH.
• Add RotoMax® Inverted Sprinkler Assembly, End Drain and End Fitting to customize to your exact needs. All sold separately below.
• We recommend our corrosion resistant pipe hangers be spaced every 4' - 6'.
• Our 3/4" Gilmour® Uncoupled Flexogen Garden Hose, that comes with a lifetime warranty, and our industrial quality Female Couplings are also available separately below.
• Zinc-plated Tek Screws (#10 x 1-1/2") come in bulk packaged quantities of 100 and require no pre-drilling.
• To protect from winter freezing, we suggest opening the drain valves and blowing out with compressed air.
• Also ideal for overhead greenhouse and high tunnel watering.

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3-Zone Sprinkling System3-Zone Sprinkling System3-Zone Sprinkling System

Required Items:
• 3-Zone Sprinkling System SKU# 107729
• RotoMax Sprinkler Assembly SKU# 107730
• End Drain SKU# 107731
• End Fitting SKU# 107732
• Pipe Hanger SKU# 106808
• 1" Heavy-Duty U-Clamp SKU# FAPA12
• 3/4" Uncoupled Flexogen garden Hose SKU# WF1188
• Female Coupling SKU# WF1795
• Self-Drilling Tek Screw (pack of 100) SKU# FA4465