HydroCycle Vertical NFT Lettuce & Herb System - 6" Pro 10' System

Item Number: 11291970 Availability: Available in 10 days (Manufactured Product)

Grow lush, green lettuce and herbs hydroponically, no matter how small your space is. The four-tier HydroCycle Vertical NFT Lettuce and Herb Systems have a small footprint, allowing more growth in less space.

  • Systems are available in 10' and 5' lengths with the option of twenty-four 4" Pro NFT channels or twenty 6" Pro NFT channels.
  • On the 10' system using a six week cycle, growers are able to easily produce up to 4,680 healthy and profitable heads per year.
  • HydroCycle Pro NFT lids are not predrilled.
  • Systems come complete with all the necessary components. The 10' system features a 115-gallon reservoir tank, while the 5' system has a 70-gallon reservoir tank, and both come with drain plumbing, an energy-efficient continuous duty pump, fittings and adaptors.
  • To promote a high-quality yield, Gordan A-OK Starter Plugs, Botanicare® Nutrients and testers are recommended.
  • Light Kits

  • HydroCycle has designed light kits that provide Vertical NFT Systems with even and effective lighting.
  • Includes 6,500 K and 3,000 K T-5 full spectrum bulbs.
  • Does not include wiring, junction boxes or timers.
  • Light Kits are sold separately below and need to be installed by a licensed electrician.