VinylTek 7 Layer Insulated ClearView Curtain 60"

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VinylTek 7 Layer Insulated Curtain is ideal for extremely cold climates and the north side of buildings. This barn curtain helps to reduce your heating costs. Clear PVC strip allows light in while your curtain is closed. This feature reduces lighting costs while keeping the cold out.

7-Layer Curtain construction:

2 Outer layers:
• One layer 13 oz. white vinyl outside.
• One layer 5.2 oz. polyethylene vapor barrier inside.

5 Interior layers:
• Four layers of high tech non-woven insulating materials. One layer 5.2 oz. polyethylene vapor barrier.
• Estimated R-value of 3.
• All 7 curtain layers will not absorb moisture, eliminating the problem of rot and mildew. Approximately 1/10" thick when compressed.
• Priced per linear ft.