Netafim™ 2-Way Series 80 Electrical Control Valve - 2"

Item Number: 116480 Availability: Available in 30 days
Netafim™ 2-Way Series 80 Electrical Control Valves add a drip-tight enclosure for precise and accurate irrigation to any greenhouse or nursery.

• Durable, corrosion resistant materials ensure a long lifespan.
• Suitable for high-pressure applications and has quick reaction to opening and closing.
• Optimal for vertical installations.
• Stable solenoid to voltage fluctuations with low sensitivity to dirt – no diode solenoid.
• Minimum working pressure: 7 PSI.
• Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI.
• Maximum water temperature: 140°F.
• Standard solenoid voltage: 24 VAC ± 10% voltage.