Tri-Lite HVLS Fan - 16'

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Tri-Lite HVLS Fans are designed for industrial settings, and the high volume and low speed create a comfortable, enjoyable environment.

• HVLS Fans utilize Tubercle Technology™, which out performs traditional fans by providing stall angles as high as 22°, eliminating span-wise pumping, preventing tip stalling and cutting out unnecessary noise.
• Cost-effective unit limits power consumption.
• 3-blade design minimizes weight and maximizes efficiency.
• Features a reversible motor for updraft or downdraft.
• The 16' unit (116971) has a 1 HP motor that uses 368 W and has an area of influence of 60' diameter. The blades rotate at 68 RPM and provide 52,662 CFM.
• The 24' unit (116986) has a 1 HP motor that uses 621 W and has an area of influence of 140' diameter. The blades rotate at 57 RPM and provide 177,184 CFM.
• A Lenze Series Variable Frequency Multi-Function Micro Drive is required for the Tri-Lite HVLS Fans. They're available in single phase (113880) or three phase units (116765) and have a simple user interface that provides performance and flexibility. With 16 programmable segments, auto tuning and impressive low-speed operation, these are the perfect VFDs.
• The Extension Rod (113884) allows fans to be dropped down an extra 4', and the Low-Voltage Controller (113885) provides easy and convenient control.