Aeration System Components - 6"L Pumice Air Stone/Air Diffuser

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Aeration System Components are vital for proper oxygenation and nutrient circulation of your hydroponic setup. Promote faster growth and healthier plants.

• Provide a constant supply of oxygen, as well as a steady current in your nutrient reservoir to ensure that nutrients do not settle.
• Ideal for all hydroponic systems, including NFT, float, ebb and flow, drip and aeroponics
• Provide aeration and circulation for your hydroponic nutrients with Active Aqua 6"L Air Stones.
• Keeps root systems healthy while extending life of nutrient solutions.
• Provides uniform bubble size and air diffusion.
• We recommend one 6" Pumice Air Stone per 4 linear ft. of growing space.
• One 6" Air Stone works well in up to 10 gallons of water.
• 1/4" OD (air supply connection).