Aeration System Components - 70 Liter Air Pump

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Aeration System Components are vital for proper oxygenation and nutrient circulation of your hydroponic setup. Promote faster growth and healthier plants.

• Provide a constant supply of oxygen, as well as a steady current in your nutrient reservoir to ensure that nutrients do not settle.
• Ideal for all hydroponic systems, including NFT, float, ebb and flow, drip and aeroponics.
• 70 liters per minute (60 Watt) model.
• High pressure and high output. Comes with multi-outlet divider (8 and 12) that can be opened or shut.
• Electrical magnetic air compressor in a high-quality aluminum alloy case, with wear and tear-resistant material for cylinder and piston.
• Provides quiet operation, long service life and very low energy use.
• Perfect to run multiple Air Stones at once.