Pre-assembled Radiant Manifold 1" - 5 Out S&R

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Pre-assembled Distribution Manifolds for radiant heat systems are designed to optimally distribute the heating fluid in floor heating systems and ultimately improve the control of heat emission from the panels.

• These 1" manifolds ensure that the flow to each circuit is regulated precisely and also control the shut-off, venting and automatic removal of air from the system.
• Brass and stainless steel construction.
• Air eliminators on supply.
• Adjustable flow meters.
• Ball valves on supply and return.
• Serviceable end valves.
• Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI.
• Maximum air vent discharge pressure: 35 PSI.
• Working temperature range: 32°F - 180°F (0°C - 80°C).
• Flow meter scale: 0 -2 GPM.