AquaCool® Evaporative Cooling System - 15'L x 3'H

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AquaCool® Evaporative Cooling Systems are the most durable, dependable and easy-to-use systems on the market today.

    Animal Confinement Applications:

  • Eliminates heat stress to animals and workers, creating a healthier environment. See a noticeable weight gain in your animals. Achieve maximum results by locating the system on the opposite end of installed fans. This causes the cool air to be drawn the full length of your building. We can manufacture any size Cooling System. Contact Us for pricing!
  • Greenhouse Applications:

  • Relieves plant stress that reduces quality and growth. Reduces the amount of watering needed, as well as the amount of shade material used, allowing in more natural light. Optimum results are seen when the system is centered on the plants to be cooled.
  • These systems offer a natural method of cooling and moisturizing the air.
  • Available in 20 stock sizes to accommodate all needs. Custom sized systems are also available.
  • Systems come complete with Kuul® Pad, aluminum distribution (top and bottom), aluminum end panels, 1/3 HP submersible sump pump and plumbing kit.
  • Kuul® Pads are designed to achieve the most effective and efficient evaporative cooling possible. These corrugated, cellulose pads are crafted from 100% premium-grade, virgin kraft paper and offer maximum stability and long life. Consistent in performance, Kuul® Pads are highly absorbent and easily cleaned. Replacement Kuul® Pads are available below. Ask your National Account Manager about special truckload pricing.
  • Proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods for maintaining proper growing conditions, healthy poultry, hog, dairy, livestock and warehouse buildings. These systems cost 50% less than traditional A/C systems, can be used anywhere and will cool the same sized area. You will see a 16°-20° temperature drop.
  • Ideal For: Greenhouses, Poultry Houses, Hog Confinement, Dairy Barns, Livestock Buildings, Kennels, Industrial Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Warehouses, Factories, Athletic Events, Loading Docks, Workshops, Garages and Construction Sites.