Jute Erosion Control Matting - 4'W x 225'L

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Jute Erosion Control Matting is an earth friendly soil stabilizer. Made from hand spun coir yarn, the properties of jute make it the most natural, affordable and practical means to control the soil and prevent run-off on sloped areas. Use for erosion control problems, landfill slopes, embankments, sand dune stabilization, drainage ditches, hydroseeding, highway construction, sod stabilization, stream bank stabilization, channel stabilization, shoreline stabilization, river bank stabilization, golf courses, shock impactors, wasteland restoration, re-vegetation, erosion control, landscaping and reclaiming wetland areas.

  • Coir yarn is a coarse fiber extracted from the fibrous outer shell of a coconut.
  • These fibers are relatively waterproof, and one of the few natural fibers resistant to damage by salt water.
  • Completely biodegradable matting is an ideal method to stop erosion damage and to keep soil in place until plant material has taken hold.
  • Excellent coverage on all terrains, even slopes.
  • Meets most DOT specifications and requirements.
  • 48" x 225' roll (100 sq. yds.)