Erosion Control Tube - 12" Dia. x 10'L

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All-natural solution to erosion and sediment control!

  • Fill tubes with compost to provide an effective solution to erosion control, while facilitating new vegetation growth for a permanent run-off protection solution.
  • Water easily passes through, while leaving silt and sediment behind.
  • Tubes conform to any terrain.
  • Ideal for new construction, storm water runoffs, erosion and sediment control, washout areas, bank stabilization, or anywhere the natural landscape has been disrupted.
  • Can also be used as landscape and garden borders, offering an attractive finish, while reducing weeds and maintenance. Fill tubes with mulch, soil and seed mixture, not included, to promote new plant growth.
  • Tubes are manufactured from high tensile strength, premium polyethylene knitted fabric that is highly resistant to UV degradation and temperature extremes.
  • Easy to install, move or remove, and each comes with two large black cable ties for securing ends.

Ideal as grow bags! Low cost alternative to plastic pots and trays. Excellent for bedding plants, tree seedlings and most all vegetables. Knitted fabric allows for the proper exchange of water, air and nutrients. Simply fill bags with desired potting medium and plant. Can be hung from the purlins in your greenhouse, offering much additional growing space. Perfect for use on the ground either inside or outside of your greenhouse. Lay across rooftops for increased insulation valve. Good for the environment, too! In the yard or garden, they make useful landscape borders. Bags can be cut easily to any desired length.

Please Note: Tubes are shipped empty and customer provides material for filling.