Recycled Plastic Lumber 2" x 6" x 8' - Black

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Recycled Plastic Lumber is the environmentally-friendly and maintenance-free choice for your next building project.

  • Perfect for use in construction of tables and benches, fencing, raised beds, and sand boxes.
  • Extremely durable. Will not rot, split, crack, splinter or need to be replaced after time like real wood. No need for painting, staining or waterproofing.
  • Color goes through the entire piece and is protected by UV stabilizers, so there is no dramatic fading after exposure to the elements.
  • Can either be nailed or screwed.
  • For best results please predrill holes at least one size bigger.
  • Color: Black.
Our recycled plastic lumber has an expansion rate which is critical for proper installation. A 12 foot board will shrink .029/inches over a 5 degree drop in temperature. Note your starting point is what temperature the board started at when assembled. Typically use 60 degrees as a baseline. In this case a temperature drop to 0 degrees will net 11/32" over the 60 degree swing. A direct sunlight board will shrink less in a temperature drop and expand more in a temperature increase.